Ensuring Patient Comfort With Dental Sedation

We strive to ensure each and every patient who sees us enjoys a comfortable treatment experience, so they always look forward to their next one. One way to help, especially for patients who have dental anxiety, is with dental sedation. At our dental office in Tampa, FL, we provide sedation dentistry to help patients with anxiety and special needs enjoy a calm and comfortable state!

Keeping You Comfortable

Our team wants to make sure your experience in our office is a comfortable one, even if you have high levels of dental anxiety. We never minimize your discomfort, and we want to talk to you to help you feel relaxed, and to find the right sedation option to ensure your time in our office is a comfortable one. These treatments can also help people with special needs, or those undergoing more extensive treatments, such as tooth extraction, dental implant placement, or other oral surgeries or extensive restorative procedures. Youb should look forward to your next visit, and receiving the care you need to enjoy optimal oral health and a smile that shines!

Choosing the Right Option

We have multiple options available, so we have to decide which is right for you. Our team will take several factors into account. For example, we will assess your anxiety levels, the presence of special needs, as well as your medical history and any medications you’re currently taking. We also look at your age and weight. The treatments you’re receiving are taken into account too. If you’re undergoing a cleaning or a crown placement, nitrous oxide may be enough. If you’re having new teeth placed or one removed, you may need oral or IV sedation.

Our Selections

Nitrous oxide is the most commonly prescribed option, and is safe for kids and adults alike. You enter a deep state of relaxation and euphoria by inhaling a gas through a mask over your nose. The effects can be adjusted regularly during your treatments and wear off once the procedure ends. You are not groggy and can actually drive yourself home or even return to work or school.

If you need a more substantial option, we could provide oral sedation through a pill or liquid before the procedure, or IV intravenously. These options require you to avoid food and drink for a few hours before the procedure, and we recommend comfortable and loose clothing. The effects take time to wear off, so have a friend or family member available to bring you home afterward.

Enjoy Comfortable Treatment in Tampa, FL

We’re ready to help you enjoy a comfortable and relaxing visit, and a healthier smile too. To learn more about sedation dentistry, give us a call and talk to our team at our Tampa, FL office today at (813)792-8211!

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