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Botox and Juvederm Treatments

The quality of your smile is determined by more than just the condition of your teeth. Aging affects us all, but the right treatments can help you prevent and manage problems with creases and lines around the mouth that make you appear older. You can look into including this kind of esthetic service in larger plans for cosmetic treatment or make arrangements that focus on preserving a youthful look! Our team can also recommend Botox treatments as a means of resolving painful issues with TMJ disorder.

  • Cosmetic Botox treatment relaxes the facial muscles to limit movements that cause wrinkling of the skin. We can administer this treatment to keep you from making lines and creases over time, effectively preventing the formation of wrinkles and other marks of aging.
  • Therapeutic Botox is also useful in the treatment of TMJ aches and pains, as it reduces jaw tension due to misalignment and/or poor movement.
  • Juvederm is a dermal filler that we can use to take care of wrinkles that have begun to form around the mouth. By safely adding volume and smoothing the skin around your smile, we can erase marks of aging that have made you self-conscious. This can also correct concerns about a loss of jawbone definition that can occur and grow progressively worse over time.