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Restorative Dentistry

Through restorative services, we take on issues with teeth that are affected by damage and decay to give you back your confident smile as well as your dental function. We also provide services that take on the harmful effects of tooth loss! Through precise planning and the use of durable, lifelike materials, we can help you feel great about your smile, bite strength, and health!

Dental Implants

Implant dentistry helps take on the consequences of tooth loss, including those that negatively impact jaw health. This restorative arrangement uses the implant to offer a form of stability that imitates the natural support our teeth enjoy. After careful planning, we can make you comfortable as we work to place the implant at the site where your lost tooth’s roots were housed. After a period for healing, you will return to have a lifelike replacement tooth set in position. This approach can even support larger restorations like bridges and dentures!

Full Mouth Restoration

One procedure is not always enough to fully address all smile concerns. For patients with several cavities or injuries, and for those whose problems include tooth loss, we can design a full mouth restoration plan. Your plan will be customized to fit your needs, and will include treatments that take on oral health issues while also delivering a stunning smile! In addition to providing you with information on what support you need, we can help you arrange that care in a way that makes services easier to complete.


Complete and partial dentures are available to patients who have suffered tooth loss. Through the use of advanced imaging technology, we can carefully measure your jaw and oral structures to provide a tailored prosthetic. With this one appliance, you can fully restore a row of teeth that was partly or completely absent, and you can enjoy important additional bite support along with cosmetic benefits!


A dental bridge is a fixed prosthodontic appliance that we can place without the need for oral surgery. We provide a carefully constructed restoration that includes at least one pontic (the replacement for your lost tooth) as well as a pair of crowns that cap neighboring teeth. Through its placement, the bridge provides enough stability to support your bite health and remain fully secure. Thanks to its lifelike appearance, it will also provide important cosmetic improvements.


Our use of tooth-colored dental crowns protects teeth impacted by severe decay or physical trauma. They are also important to prosthodontic services, as they are an important part of a dental bridge, and they can be used to restore dental implants. Your personalized crown will effectively cap a tooth that is in need of full coverage, which enables it to absorb bite pressure and provide general protection to prevent new problems from occurring.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dental fillings provide a conservative, lasting solution to problems with damage from tooth decay. The material we use to create them will imitate healthy enamel so that your treatment has no effect on your smile. We can apply the substance directly at the site where we had to remove decayed tissue. After hardening, it will bond to the surrounding enamel to protect your tooth structure against harm or an infection.