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Dental Sedation And Your Comfort As A Patient

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Does the idea of seeing a dentist cause you to experience anxiety? If the thought of an appointment is all it takes to make you uneasy, it can be difficult to keep up with oral health services. Unfortunately, this leaves you vulnerable to oral health issues that worsen as time passes. In fact, by missing out on preventive care, you can experience complications from a cavity that went undetected, and that means you will need more involved restorative work!

The good news is that whether you need help scheduling routine care or need help with discomfort around a more involved service, our Tampa, FL dental practice can help. Through our options for safe dental sedation, we can make sure you are comfortable and secure while you enjoy our services!

Does An Anxiety Around Smile Care Keep You From The Dentist’s Office?

Feelings of anxiety around oral health services can cause people to put off a visit to discuss dental discomfort. It can even make it hard for some people to come in for the routine services that help them avoid future issues. Dental anxiety is a real concern, one that should not be taken lightly. We understand how this can complicate your relationship with smile care. What we want our patients who suffer anxious feelings to know is that there are ways in which we can help. Sedation is something we can offer to help with anxiety as well as with your comfort during a longer procedure, or one that is more involved.

Using Sedation To Make Treatments More Comfortable

Nitrous oxide is effective at keeping patients relaxed throughout treatment while letting them remain conscious during the visit. This is a gas that is administered continuously during your appointment. The effects are not long-lasting; once you stop breathing it, you can quickly return to normal. In fact, you can even regain your normal feeling in time to safely drive yourself home.

What Can Happen If I Simply Avoid Dental Visits?

For someone who is uneasy about a certain treatment, or about care in general, a temptation to simply skip appointments can linger. Remember that by not scheduling care, you make yourself more likely to experience new problems with cavities and gum disease. This is because you go without the preventive oral health services that lower your risk for them, including the service of carefully cleaning tartar from your teeth. Another concern is that when a problem arises, you may not realize it at first. By skipping your exams, you can let a cavity or periodontal infection worsen until it requires more advanced treatment.

Talk To Your Tampa, FL Dentist About Sedation And Your Experience As A Patient

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