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Family Dentistry

Our family dental services help patients of all ages and with different needs stay on top of their smile health. Whether you need to see us for a routine review or require something more involved, you can look forward to comfortable protection while seated in our dentist’s chair!

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Routine dental exams and cleanings are crucial to your overall efforts toward protecting your health and preserving your lovely smile. During visits, patients undergo thorough visual inspections that can include reviews with imaging technology as well as thorough cleanings from our hygienists. Consistently booking these appointments protects you against common threats like cavities and gum disease. These appointments also ensure you receive timely warnings about any issues that pertain to your oral health!

Root Canals

When a tooth becomes infected, the work needed to restore it will take place within the central chamber known as the pulp. We carefully access this space in order to remove bacteria and infected tissues within, clean it to prevent further troubles, then seal it for protection and the prevention of new problems with invasive bacteria. Our entire team works to ensure this experience is a positive one. From the time you arrive to the time your tooth is restored with a custom crown, you can count on welcoming support and dedication to your health and well-being!


An extraction is something we can provide when there is no other option for restoring your oral health. By removing the problem tooth, we stop ongoing pain and prevent the further spread of bacteria that would go on to create new infection issues. Professional extractions prevent complications and ensure the removal and recovery experiences are positive. We can also make arrangements to follow up this work with treatment to replace your lost tooth with a secure and durable prosthetic appliance.