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Closing Gaps Between Teeth With Invisalign

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When poor spacing leaves a visible gap between two of your teeth, it can become an unwanted focal point. When you feel people’s eyes on this excess space, you can feel embarrassed, and you can find yourself trying to hide your smile more often as you continue to attract undesired notice. What you should know is that this is an issue your Tampa, FL dentist is prepared to fix! One solution is to guide teeth into their appropriate positions with Invisalign aligners. These appliances provide a discreet alternative to traditional orthodontic work, which means you can find it easier to make this change while maintaining comfort with your appearance.

How Comfortable Are You With Your Smile?

Even small smile flaws tend to become sources of embarrassment, as our teeth tend to attract scrutiny. The presence or absence of certain flaws can shape someone’s opinion of you, which is why matters like discoloration, minor damage, poor spacing, and other issues can feel so glaring. What we can do is provide a cosmetic treatment option based on what your concerns for your smile include. For something like an unsightly gap, we can often help by using Invisalign aligners to gradually move teeth into better alignment.

Using Invisalign To Fix Gaps, Overlaps, And Other Spacing Issues

By providing you with a set of Invisalign aligners, our practice is able to treat your present concerns about poor teeth spacing. Knowing that the answer to your problem with a gap is not one that requires metal braces can be a relief. Instead, you will use a set of clear appliances that are removable to create safe movement. Each appliance represents part of your overall adjustment journey. As you move from one to the next, you can see the changes you desire. Throughout the process, you can enjoy the convenience of an orthodontic solution that lets you eat and clean your teeth without difficulty.

We Offer A Range Of Important Dental And Cosmetic Services

During your regular dental evaluations, we can discuss your active smile concerns as well as any oral health issues that we identify. Even if you feel you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your appearance and health, be consistent with visits. Patients are sometimes caught off guard by the news that they have a cavity or issue with gingivitis, as these common problems can remain unnoticed after they form.

Talk To Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry About Invisalign Treatment

Because we offer Invisalign treatment, we can help patients discreetly adjust their uneven smiles. This means you can do something about a smile gap without wearing metal braces! For more information on Invisalign and the treatment of your smile gap, please call Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry at 813-792-8211.