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Are You A Good Teeth Whitening Candidate?

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If you do a good job brushing and flossing each day, and you see your dentist for regular checkups, you can control your risk for problems with your oral health. What can be frustrating is following all of these practices but still seeing a gradual change in the color of your enamel. Stains that gather over time can prove tough for you to remove on your own. Even store bought whitening agents can fail to deliver the results you want. At our Tampa, FL, dental practice, we provide two different options for professional teeth whitening. Either choice can prove effective at making your smile many shades brighter!

How Confident Are You In Your Smile Today?

Your dental health is certainly important, but health is not all that contributes to the confidence a person has in their smile. Many people grow self-conscious because they have worsening enamel stains that have dulled their teeth. Fighting this can be an exercise in frustration if you do not have the right approach. What you can do to see real improvements is talk to your dentist. Our options for cosmetic dentistry include two different teeth whitening options, with each able to take on stubborn stains and make teeth many shades whiter!

Choosing Your Preferred Teeth Whitening Solution

A take-home teeth whitening kit can be provided to you at our practice, or we can bring you in to have a one-visit treatment to brighten your smile. The office treatment is able to deliver meaningful changes in just one hour. Your dentist oversees the process and can help deliver the color change you want to see. If you prefer to take on discoloration at home, we can provide a custom whitening kit that you use at your convenience. Daily applications will gradually lighten the color of your teeth and lift embarrassing discoloration. At the end of those applications, you can see results that match what in-office treatment provides!

Discussing Other Smile Improvement Options

There are different cosmetic services we provide to our patients, with each having different benefits. Tooth bonding and treatment with veneers can help hide damages, spacing issues, and tooth shape and size concerns. They can also take care of intrinsic discoloration that whitening agents are not focused on treating. For deeper intrinsic discoloration, we may recommend dental crowns be used to restore your smile.

Talk To Your Tampa, FL, Dentist About Making Your Smile Brighter

Our practice provides both in-office and take-home teeth whitening services! If you have concerns about enamel stains, both can provide significant improvements and raise your confidence level. If you would like to discuss these or any other treatment options, please contact our Tampa, FL dental practice today at 813-792-8211.